Today Wheat Price in Pakistan 2024 | Wheat Rate in Pakistan

Wheat Price in Pakistan 2024; Wheat, a staple food for millions in Pakistan, is crucial to the country’s food security and economy. Understanding current wheat prices is essential for various stakeholders, including farmers, consumers, and businesses involved in the wheat trade. This article provides a comprehensive overview of today’s wheat prices in Pakistan (as of April 11, 2024), exploring factors influencing these prices and future trends.

Current Wheat Prices in Pakistan

Today, the minimum support price for wheat in Pakistan is Rs. 3,900 per 40 kilograms (kg). This price was recently established by the Punjab government’s Wheat Procurement Policy 2024-25 [Pakistan Today]. This price is a benchmark for government purchases from farmers and provides a safety net for producers.

It’s important to note that market prices for wheat can fluctuate depending on various factors. In some instances, actual market prices may be higher than the government support price. Local mandi prices (wholesale market prices) can vary depending on location, quality, and demand-supply dynamics.

Table of Wheat Rates / Prices in Pakistan 2024

Wheat Rate/Price In KPK

District/ CityMinimum RateMaximum Rate
Dera Ismail Khan4,000 PKR4,350 PKR
Mardan4,050 PKR4,300 PKR

Wheat Rates/Prices in Sindh

District/ CityMinimum Rate Maximum Rate
Hyderabad3400 PKR3520 PKR
Jhuddo3550 PKR3600 PKR
Dadu3520 PKR3650 PKR
Ghotki3600 PKR3700 PKR
Larkana3520 PKR3620 PKR
Kunri3450 PKR3650 PKR
Mehrabpur3500 PKR3630 PKR
Mirpurkhas3620 PKR3690 PKR
Sakrand3520 PKR3680 PKR
Nawabshah3500 PKR3600 PKR
Sanghar3560 PKR3710 PKR
Shikarpur3500 PKR3600 PKR
Shahdadpur3450 PKR3520 PKR
Sukkur3620 PKR3700 PKR
Tando Allah Yar3540 PKR3600 PKR
Tando Muhammad Khan3600 PKR3690 PKR
Smarkot3500 PKR3600 PKR
Karachi3500 PKR3600 PKR

Wheat Rates/Prices in Balochistan

District/ City Minimum RateMaximum Rate
Sibi4175 PKR4300 PKR
Quetta4080 PKR4250 PKR

Wheat Rates/Prices in Punjab

District / City New Minimum RateNew Maximum Rate
Chishtian3,000 PKR3,400 PKR
Chichawatni3,200 PKR3,420 PKR
Burewala3,200 PKR3,330 PKR
Bhakkar3,400 PKR3,700 PKR
Bahawalpur3,300 PKR3,500 PKR
Bahawalnagar3,200 PKR3,710 PKR
Ahmadpur Sharqia3,400 PKR3,550 PKR
Ali pur3,400 PKR3,600 PKR
Arifwala3,100 PKR3,370 PKR
Gujranwala3,600 PKR3,700 PKR
Fortabbas3,400 PKR3,630 PKR
Fazil Pur4,000 PKR3,320 PKR
Faqirwali3,000 PKR3,600 PKR
Faisalabad3,300 PKR 3,600 PKR
Dunga Bunga3,000 PKR3,330 PKR
Dera Ismail Khan3,500 PKR 3,700 PKR
Dera Ghazi Khan3,500 PKR3,670 PKR
Chowk Munda3,380 PKR3,560 PKR
Chakwal3,350 PKR3,550 PKR
Chowk Azam3,350 PKR3,600 PKR
Mainwali3,300 PKR 3,700 PKR
Multan3,500 PKR 3,800 PKR
lodhran3,500 PKR3,750 PKR
Lahore3,800 PKR3,850 PKR
Layyah3,100 PKR3,370 PKR
Khanewal3,500 PKR3,830 PKR
Khanpur3,000 PKR3,400 PKR
Kahror Pakka3,450 PKR3,750 PKR
Islamabad3,850 PKR3,900 PKR
Hasilpur3,100 PKR3,300 PKR
Haroonabad3,000 PKR3,300 PKR
Sahiwal3,000 PKR3,350 PKR
Sadiqabad2,900 PKR3,350 PKR
Rajanpur3,550 PKR3,670 PKR
Rahim Yar Khan3,000 PKR3,390 PKR
Pakpattan Sharif3,650 PKR3,900 PKR
Pattoki3,500 PKR3,700 PKR
Okara3,600 PKR3,800 PKR
Muzaffargarh3,500 PKR3,800 PKR
Minchanabad3,600 PKR3,700 PKR
Main Channu3,400 PKR3,700 PKR
Rawalpindi4,000 PKR4,100 PKR
Sargodha3,600 PKR3,750 PKR
Sheikhupura3,500 PKR3,800 PKR
Toba Tek Singh3,200 PKR3,320 PKR
Vehari3,500 PKR3,330 PKR
Yazman Mandi3,000 PKR3330 PKR
Today Wheat Price in Pakistan 2024 | Wheat Rate in Pakistan
Today Wheat Price in Pakistan 2024 | Wheat Rate in Pakistan

Factors Affecting Wheat Prices in Pakistan

Several factors influence wheat prices in Pakistan, including:

Government Policies: The government plays a significant role by setting minimum support prices, influencing import and export policies, and managing wheat reserves.

Production Costs: The cost of production for farmers, including fertilizers, seeds, labor, and fuel, impacts the price they are willing to sell their wheat for.

Demand and Supply: Fluctuations in domestic wheat production and import volumes significantly affect prices. A good harvest with ample supply can lead to lower prices, while a shortfall can cause prices to rise.

Global Wheat Market: International wheat prices on major exchanges like the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) can influence domestic prices in Pakistan.

Today Wheat Price in Pakistan 2024 | Wheat Rate in Pakistan

Recent Developments in Wheat Prices

The announcement of the Rs. 3,900 support price in April 2024 reflects the government’s commitment to supporting farmers. This price remains unchanged from the previous year [Profit by Pakistan Today]. Delays in announcing the support price in 2023 due to discussions on provincial recommendations impacted the ideal sowing time for wheat [Profit by Pakistan Today].

Future Trends in Wheat Prices

Predicting future wheat prices is challenging due to the dynamic nature of the factors mentioned above. However, some trends might influence Pakistani wheat prices:

Global Wheat Market: If global wheat prices remain high due to factors like geopolitical tensions or weather events, domestic prices in Pakistan could also be affected.

Government Intervention: The government’s import and export policies can play a crucial role in stabilizing prices. Continued private-sector imports can help bridge the gap between domestic production and demand [Profit by Pakistan Today].

Domestic Production: A successful wheat harvest season in Pakistan could lead to lower market prices in the coming months.

Impact of Wheat Prices on Different Stakeholders

Farmers: Wheat price fluctuations directly impact farmers’ income. A fair price ensures they can recover their production costs and earn a profit.

Consumers: Higher wheat prices can lead to an increase in flour and bread prices, impacting household budgets.

Businesses: Businesses involved in the wheat trade, such as flour mills and bakeries, need to adjust their pricing strategies based on fluctuating wheat prices.

Where to Find Updated Wheat Prices in Pakistan

Several resources offer updated information on wheat prices in Pakistan:

Government Websites: The websites of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research and provincial agriculture departments often publish wheat procurement prices and market information.

Commodity Trading Websites: Websites like Trading Economics ( provide data on global wheat futures prices, which can influence domestic prices.

News Websites: Local news websites and agriculture publications frequently report on wheat prices and trends.

Mandi Prices: Visiting local mandis (wholesale markets) can provide insights into current market prices for wheat.


Understanding current and future wheat prices in Pakistan is crucial for various stakeholders. This article provides a comprehensive overview of factors influencing wheat prices and resources for staying updated on this essential commodity. By staying informed, farmers, consumers, and businesses can make informed decisions related to wheat production, consumption, and trade.

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